As a mentor, you will help one or more startups during the development or commercialization of their microfluidic-related product. New ventures have different needs that could be addressed with a few hours of your precious volunteer time.

Detailed information about mentor’s role.

We are looking for professionals with a background in Business Development, Marketing Strategy, Product Development, Regulatory Affairs, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Human Resources, and Law. In addition, we look for individuals with technical experience in the field of Electrical Hardware Design, Software, Plastic/MEMS Manufacturing, and different specialties of Biology. We keep your information confidential and share it only with matching startups.

Once your relationship with the mentee grows, you may evaluate opportunities for more in-depth involvement with the ventures such as becoming a board member, advisor, co-founder, or team member.

During registration, you can choose to be visible on the Mentor’s list on the Circle website as well as share some information about you.

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