The Prototyping Grant 2018 Winner - uFraction8

After lengthy and careful consideration, uFluidix is pleased to announce the winner of the Prototyping Grant 2018.

The winner is


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uFraction8 is an early stage biotech startup based in Scotland and London. uFraction8 develops microfluidics-based filtration systems to help biomanufacturers who use biological cells in their production processes to dewater and concentrate cell-based biomass, with sustainable and scalable system outcompeting conventional filters and centrifuges.

This grant covers USD 50,000 of design and fabrication services from uFluidix for one year up to a maximum defined with no strings attached for the development of a novel device for the filtration of biochemical products resulted from biogas processing created by uFraction8. Unlike the conventional filtration methods in this industry which rely on large centrifuges, they use microfluidics technology to reduce the turnaround time and to increase efficiency.

«Although we have seen many  designs during the past 15 years especially from academia, very few of these inventions have been commercialized. The prototyping of microfluidic devices is costly, so once the intellectual property is transferred from academia to spin-offs, it hits a major obstacle. The Circle grant would help uFraction8 to take their product to the next level. »
Dr. Aarash Sofla, CEO, uFluidix

«uFraction8 project aims to design and optimise microfluidic chips for newly identified commerical targets from digestate from anaerobic digestion biogas systems. Our current designs have focused on biological cell separation and have proven to be very robust and efficient. Moving to new targets is costly as it requires several iterations of design to optimise performance. With the support from uFluidix we hope to make an even greater impact towards sustainable production and closing the loop of the circular bioeconomy.»
Dr. Monika Tomecka, Executive Director & COO, uFraction8

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We would like to thank everyone who applied for the Prototyping Grant 2018 round!

We greatly appreciate your time, effort, and persistence.

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