Prototyping Grant 2019 Winner - Phytoform Labs

After lengthy and careful consideration, uFluidix is pleased to announce the winner of the Prototyping Grant 2019.

The winner is

Phytoform Labs

• Congratulations! •

Phytoform Labs is an agriculture biotech startup from the UK.Phytoform Labs Phytoform Labs helps the horticulture industry by providing innovative breeding solutions to plant breeders and producers. Access to new biotechnologies that reduce breeding times is very limited for many companies. Phytoform Labs provides a rapid genome editing crop improvement service for crop breeders globally. The company partners with small to medium-sized specialty crop breeding and seed companies to offer genome editing R&D resources that their partners lack and enable them to remain competitive on a global scale.

This grant covers USD 50,000 of design and fabrication services from uFluidix for one year up to a maximum defined with no strings attached for the development of a novel microfluidic platform.

«Phytoform Labs uses GMO-free genome editing methods which rely on skilled technical labour and are very inefficient. We will use the uFluidix grant to develop a microfluidic platform that will allow efficient and high throughput genome editing in a diverse set of crops. This will allow Phytoform Labs to scale its genome editing service as well as develop new products such as novel traits that will defend plants against emerging diseases and climate change. We also aim to develop alternatives to staple crops like wheat and soybean, to make use of marginal and arid land and diversify the global food system so it is more robust and sustainable.»
Dr. William Pelton, Co-Founder & CEO, Phytoform Labs

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We would like to thank everyone who applied for the Prototyping Grant 2019 round!

We greatly appreciate your time, effort, and persistence.

Stay tuned and don’t forget to join The Microfluidic Circle. The next round is coming!

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