What is The Prototyping Grant?

Prototyping is needed early on during the product development cycle to demonstrate the proof of concept, or a bit later for early validation studies. Prototyping of micro-electro-mechanical systems, in general, and microfluidic devices, in particular, could be too costly for individual inventors or early stage startups. Eligible microfluidics inventors or startups are encouraged to apply to this competitive program. The winners would receive free prototyping services from uFluidix for one year up to a maximum defined with no strings attached.

What does uFluidix offer?

The winners of The Prototyping Grant will obtain free design and fabrication services from uFluidix for the development of their microfluidic prototypes. For more information about uFluidix’s capabilities, please refer to a complete range of services on the website.

The dollar value of offered services for each winner is USD 50,000.  This reward cannot be transferred, converted into cash or sold.

Intellectual Property: Who owns it?

All IP generated with the help of this Grant for the winners of the competition would fully belong to them.


We encourage the applicants to sign a mutual non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with uFluidix during the application process if you are disclosing any confidential information.

Terms and Conditions

The Prototyping Grant is a no strings attached award that is given to up to two winners. uFluidix will not ask for any licensing or equity share from the winners of the competition. A contract that includes Terms and Conditions will be signed with the winners prior to the start of collaboration.

Admission Information

Who can apply for The Prototyping Grant?

The program is open to companies as well as individuals who have a novel product with a microfluidic component in it. We encourage applications from everyone who aspires to encourage the development of the microfluidics field. In addition, it is the perfect opportunity for developing countries to participate in this program, showcase their product, and receive professional help with the microfluidic part of it.

This competition is open to residents of all countries.

We invite previous grant applicants to reapply. Please include the project update to reflect your recent achievements in this year application to increase your chances to win.

No companies will be given preference over individuals and vice versa. All applicants will be judged on the basis of novelty, aptitude, and potential as demonstrated through their application.

Eligibility criteria

In order to apply for The Prototyping Grant, you must meet the requirements listed below:


  • Your product is novel and includes a microfluidic component, with the development of which uFluidix can help.

Retrieved from buyandsell.gc.ca


  • The applicant should not have generated revenue in the past from the sales of the particular product’s prototype that has been used for the application.
  • The applicant should have raised at least USD 5,000 funding
    (crowdfunding, government, angel investors, pitch competitions, etc.). Money from ‘3Fs’ (family, fools, and friends) is not acceptable.
  • The total funding raised for the innovation should not exceed USD 250,000 to the date of application. If the applicant’s company has revenue from the sales of other products or services, the total sales to date should not exceed USD 1 million.

Stage of the project

  • In order to be eligible for The Prototyping Grant, your product must score a TRL of 3 or 4.
    TRLs (Technology Readiness Levels) is a measure to evaluate the maturity of evolving innovation. More information about TRLs .

*All applicants are encouraged to join The Microfluidic Circle community in order to gain visibility with potential investors, mentors, and the industry overall.

Application Process

How to apply for The Prototyping Grant?

Please note: The Prototyping Grant 2019 has closed for the year. Watch this space for the next year’s round.


In order to apply, download and complete The Prototyping Grant Application Form 2019.


Once you complete the form, send it along with an executive summary of a business plan for the product you are developing (3 pages maximum, .pdf format) to circle[at]ufluidix.com.


Please include "The Prototyping Grant 2019_Application_Company Name" in the subject line and make sure that all information is complete before you send the form.

** We encourage all companies-applicants to join the directory of Registered Startups. As a registered company, you will have the opportunity to be connected to mentors in the desired field.

Upon completion, your application will go through our internal review process which will take approximately 4 weeks from the deadline date. Up to two winners will be selected for The Prototyping Grant. The winners will be announced on the website and notified by email.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at circle[at]ufluidix.com.

• Good luck! •