About Us

Who we are

uFluidix is industry leader in custom fabrication of Microfluidic devices made of PDMS and thermoplastics. uFluidix owns and operates its own highly confidential cleanroom production facilities for Microfluidics fully equipped by state of the art custom-made, and advanced manufacturing equipment. We use proprietary processes for affordable and high fidelity production of microfluidic chips made of PDMS and other materials. In addition to providing Microfluidics fabrication services, uFluidix has proven its value as a full-service development partner to the creators of microfluidic solutions. In 2015 uFluidix implemented Quality Management System (QMS) for its contract manufacturing and design services for Microfluidics.

uFluidix value proposition

  • We pro-actively pursue result-oriented communication with clients.
  • We strive to maintain our reputation for 100% on-time delivery.
  • We assume responsibility and warranty for every product or service.

Our competitive advantage

  • 100% IP Protection: Unlike a few custom microfluidic chip manufacturers who offer off-the-shelf microfluidic chips, uFluidix never compromises a client’s IP by selling the client’s designs online! We do not sell off-the-shelf microfluidic chips.
  • Niche Expertise: We have acquired unique expertise in the fabrication of microfluidics. No matter how complicated your microfluidic concept or design is, we most likely have processed the same or very similar.
  • Reliability: uFluidix has heavily invested in its microfluidic chip production and cleanroom facilities and enjoys a rich portfolio of returning clients. We are here to stay.