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uFluidix Launches A Call For Manufacturing Projects Needing Funding

The uFluidix team has successfully doubled their manufacturing capacity over the last 12 months and is now optimizing for new process variables in the manufacturing of thermoplastic microfluidic chips. The team will select three project submissions and offer manufacturing services free-of-charge, including tooling, design and...

Microfluidics: droplet based microfluidic generation of synthetic cells

Droplet microfluidics for assembly of endomembrane multicompartments

"By using electrostatic interactions as driving force to assemble vesicles, the droplet-stabilized method was recently applied to reconstitute and encapsulate proteins, or compartments, inside giant unilamellar vesicles (GUVs) to act as minimal synthetic cells. However, the droplet-stabilized approach exhibits low production efficiency associated with the...