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Microfluidics – History and Application Notes

To set up your microfluidics experiments you don’t have to learn the entire domain. Navigate the information in these pages to explore the latest research related to your microfluidic device, and learn about techniques you need, or difficulties you may face using microfluidic chips. The articles are written by uFluidix Engineers, scientists or expert matter technical content writers approved by uFluidix. We give a practical perspective, with commercial end point of research on mind. The review articles are grouped in two categories. Microfluidics Research Review Articles, and Application Notes, and Technical Articles. Here we briefly describe each category, so the reader can quickly find relevant information.

Microfluidics Research Review Articles

The most active current research in microfluidics are in Microfluidics cell sorting, organ on a chip, and high throughput single cell sequencing. In addition, there is a lot happening in diagnostics, circulating tumor capture, gene delivery, fertility aid, plant research, and many more. In each of these research review articles, the fundamentals of Microfluidics input into each domain is explained in simple technical language. Different approaches taken by the microfluidics researchers to tackle the same problem is categorized, and few notable or ground breaking recent research is outlined.

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Application Notes, and Technical Articles

This category of technical articles deal with how to use, design or fabricate microfluidic devices. Once the researchers narrow down on a specific microfluidics approach to use, then the next stage is the chip design and fabrication. There are a handful of material choices, and fabrication methods to choose from. Also, there are tips for using the microfluidic chips, such as what is the appropriate pump system, or what is the maximum flow rates. There is an online pressure calculator offered by uFluidix engineering team to estimate the pressure built up in simple microfluidic channels.

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Find your application and learn about its principles and history.

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Chip in a lab setup for Microfluidics research

Technical discussion in simple language for Microfluidic Applications. How to set up Microfluidic experiments, or design a microfluidic device.

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