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How to connect a syringe needle to a uFluidix PDMS Microfluidic device?

Syringe pumps are widely used to supply or collect liquid samples for microfluidics. Connecting a microfluidic chip and syringe could be done directly and without fittings or interconnects. The goal of this tip is to provide an inexpensive and simple interface, with minimized sample dead volume, between a microfluidic device and syringe with help of a Gauge 30 needle and a Tygon tube.

In order to connect a syringe needle to uFluidix PDMS microfluidic chip you will need:

1.  Tweezers
2.  uFluidix microfluidic chip
3.  Gauge 30 needle
4.  Tygon tube,
ID=0.01″ (0.25 mm),
OD=0.03″ (0.75 mm).

Feel free to ask us how to purchase the above microfluidic device and connections.