uFluidix® Continues Expansion Plans with a New Registered US Trademark

TORONTO (PRWEB) November 09, 2022 — In line with growth and expansion plans, uFluidix® is now a registered US Trademark.

Founded in 2010, uFluidix® rapidly became industry leaders in the custom fabrication of microfluidic devices. This success is due in large part to the unique expertise of the uFluidix team, premium facilities, an extensive quality management system, and the strategic implementation of growth strategies.

Faced with the Covid-19 crisis, the uFluidix team had to decide if they would continue with business as usual, or pivot, quickly expand and join the fight against the virus. In 2020, uFluidix was at the center of efforts by microfluidics researchers to overcome Covid-19 and has continued to expand its manufacturing services. 

We more than doubled our manufacturing capacity to meet the needs of Covid-19 related projects in vaccine research, therapeutics, and diagnostics. And we’ve done so without compromise to the integrity of our systems and the quality of our products,says Aarash Sofla, CEO of uFluidix.

In 2022 many of these Covid-19 related projects at uFluidix have concluded, and all open capacity has been repurposed to accommodate microfluidics applications in genomics, artificial intelligence (AI), and drug discovery research. uFluidix is now in the midst of another phase of expansion.

“Our registered US Trademark is the next logical step in the growth of uFluidix, it is also a milestone that we are happy to celebrate. We thank our employees for their hard work and dedication, and we are so eager to see what the future holds for the team.”, says Aarash Sofla, CEO of uFluidix.

More about uFluidix:

The uFluidix team offers core expertise in the development and custom fabrication of microfluidic devices composed of a variety of material systems, specifically – PDMS, Glass PDMS and Thermoplastics. Their proprietary, scalable fabrication technology, paired with exceptional quality control offers customers a superior product, at an affordable rate.

The confidential cleanroom production facilities managed by uFluidix are state-of-the-art. Fully equipped with custom-made manufacturing equipment, the team uses proprietary processes to produce affordable and high-fidelity microfluidic chips. In addition to providing manufacturing services, uFluidix has demonstrated success as a full-service microfluidics development partner to businesses worldwide.

Learn more about the unique microfluidics manufacturing solutions uFluidix provides, including design and development, prototype fabrication, and contract manufacturing.

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