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Multiplex nucleic acid detection

Microfluidics for CRISPR-based multiplexed detection of nucleic acids

Abstract "Fast, inexpensive, and multiplexed detection of multiple nucleic acids is of great importance to human health, yet it still represents a significant challenge. Herein, we propose a nucleic acid testing platform, named MiCaR, which couples a microfluidic device with CRISPR-Cas12a and multiplex recombinase polymerase amplification....

Microfluidic quantification of heterogeneity of bacterial populations

Microfluidic quantification of heterogeneity of bacterial populations

Abstract "Severe non-healing infections are often caused by multiple pathogens or by genetic variants of the same pathogen exhibiting different levels of antibiotic resistance. For example, polymicrobial diabetic foot infections double the risk of amputation compared to monomicrobial infections. Although these infections lead to increased morbidity...

Programmable droplet microfluidic

Machine learning-guided droplet microfluidic platform

Abstract "Typical microfluidic devices are application-specific and have to be carefully designed to implement the necessary functionalities for the targeted application. Programmable microfluidic chips try to overcome this by offering reconfigurable functionalities, allowing the same chip to be used in multiple different applications. In this work,...