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Microfluidic chip for mammalian cell culture

Open source microfluidics for spatio-temporal regulation of microenvironment for mammalian cell cultures

Abstract "Microfluidic-based cell culture allows for precise spatio-temporal regulation of microenvironment, live cell imaging and better recapitulation of physiological conditions, while minimizing reagents’ consumption. Despite their usefulness, most microfluidic systems are designed with one specific application in mind and usually require specialized equipment and expertise for...

vascularized immune-competent skin-on-chip platform

Vascularized skin-on-chip for modeling HSV infection

Abstract "Herpes simplex virus (HSV) naturally infects skin and mucosal surfaces, causing lifelong recurrent disease worldwide, with no cure or vaccine. Biomimetic human tissue and organ platforms provide attractive alternatives over animal models to recapitulate human diseases. Combining prevascularization and microfluidic approaches, we present a vascularized,...