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The Microfluidic Circle_2018

The Winner Of The Microfluidic Circle Competition 2018 Takes Their Product To The Next Level

Winning last year's Microfluidic Circle competition brings uFraction8, a young biotech startup from Scotland, one step closer to the commercialization of their sustainable bioprocessing technology. TORONTO (PRWEB) JANUARY 10, 2019 -- uFraction8 develops microfluidic-based filtration systems to help biomanufacturers to dewater and concentrate biomass while attaining scalability...

uFluidix Masters “Lab on a Chip”

uFluidix Masters “Lab on a Chip”

uFluidix Masters “Lab on a Chip” -- StartUp HERE Toronto (November 1, 2018). Along a series of tiny channels, one-tenth the width of a human hair, pass liquids that are perhaps one-hundredth the volume of a single drop. With these special chips, we can now do...